January 05, 2021 2 min read

Do You Really Need a High Security Safe?

You may be under the impression that you don’t need a safe. Some believe their home is more than enough to keep their belongings safe, but what they don’t realize is that thieves can really wreak havoc. Sure, you may be protecting your hard earned dollars by keeping it stored in a bank, but what about the non-monetary valuables?

Do you really need a high security safe? Well, let’s find out …

A Safe Offers Fireproof Protection – A fireproof safe can help keep those valuable documents out of harms way. Some documents you may want to store in a fireproof safe includes birth certificates, passports, social security cards, wills, and important financial information.

Protect Your Items Against Theft – Unfortunately, there are thieves in this world, which is why I am encouraging you to get a safe. A safe will protect your valuables from jumping into the hands of a thief and being resold at a pawn shop.

Keep Your Family Safe – If you own a gun, then by all means, you need to keep it stored in a gun safe. By keeping your gun in a safe, not only are you preventing it from getting stolen, but you’re also keeping it from being misused.

Keep Your Memories Safe – A fireproof safe will ensure that your photos are safe in case of a fire - photos are something you cannot replace.

Where Will You Store the Safe?

There’s no one answer to this question, because it depends on what you’re planning on storing in the safe. For example, if you plan on storing personal possessions like jewellery in the box, then you may want to keep it close.

On the other hand, if you’re trying to keep your documents safe from a flood, then you need to store the box up high.

Consider the purpose of your home safe and place it in a spot that will be convenient for you, but not convenient for someone else.


You also have to consider the fact that getting a safe in your home is cheaper than having a safety deposit box at a bank. At a bank, you’ll have to pay a fee to keep a safety deposit box, but when you buy one for your home, all you have is a one time-expense.

Do you really need a high security safe? Of course you do. By having a high security safe in your home, you will be protecting your valuables from falling in the wrong hands.

When you own items that are precious to you, you should keep them safe. Data like flash drives, gadgets like smartphones and antique heirlooms all cost money and aren’t easy to replace. Yes, you can insure some of those items, but the process of claiming and recovery can be hard. Unique items such as photos cannot be replaced. Thinking about it, the benefits of having a safe in your home outweigh the costs when you consider the loss of those valuables.

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