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People keep many valuables in their home – everything from documents to electronics. A thief breaking into your home, or even a house fire, can cost you a lot of money, but it can also destroy things that cannot be replaced, such as photographs.

To prevent you from losing those important items, we recommend a simple fireproof safe. Some people are under the impression that this safe isn’t worth the money because they don’t realize just how many items that have that should be locked away.

Here are 10 important items that are worth storing in a fireproof safe …

  1. Birth Certificates and Passports

Birth certificate and your passport is very important to you. If you were to lose it, you’d have a hard time securing a job, travelling or doing an educational program. Your birth certificate or Passport is proof that you’re a citizen in the UK or wherever you may live. Sure, you can always replace it, but that’s not an easy process and can take some time.  For this reason, it’s best that you store the birth certificate and Passport in a fireproof safe.

  1. Laptop

Why not store your laptop in that safe? If you have a spacious floor safe, then the laptop should be able to fit. Laptops aren’t exactly cheap and they may contain your personal information, passwords, documents, work-related information and so on – you don’t want any of those things in the hands of someone else

  1. Cash

Yes, this is an obvious thing you’d keep in a fireproof safe. Even if you keep a small amount of cash around your home in case of emergencies, it’s still a good idea to store it in a safe.

  1. Certificates, Professional Qualifications 

All your important Certifications and Professional Qualifications are vital in order to apply to or shift jobs. If these go missing it will take a whole lot of time and can be really troublesome trying to replace each of them. 

  1. Keys

Keys aren’t exactly expensive to replace, unless you manage to lose the only copy, but if they were to end up in the wrong hands, it wouldn’t be good. You don’t want to give thieves access to your car, your shed, your garage, or your workplace.

  1. Legal Wills

The process to obtain a will can take some time, so for this reason, you’ll want to keep them out of harms way. You should also give a copy of the will to your lawyer so they can keep one in their own fireproof safe.

  1. Family Photos

Unless you have a backup of those family photos, once they’re gone, you’ll never be able to get them back. Go ahead and do yourself a favor, make copies of your family photos and put the originals away in a safe.

  1. Financial Account Information

If you keep your financial documents at home, then you should store them away in a fireproof safe. If a housefire does happen, you may need to have quick access to your funds. Financial documents also include paperwork that is related to your investments and retirement plans.

  1. Keys to Your Safety Deposit Box

If you have a safety deposit box at the bank, then you’re going to want to have access to it at all times. Keep those keys in your fireproof safe to ensure you’ll be able to access your safety deposit box no matter what happens.

  1. Data and Hard Drives

We’re living in a world where everything is going digital – you can store memories in data form on a hard drive. However, don’t forget that those hard drives can be destroyed just as well. It would be a good idea to store hard drives and other data in your safe.

Final Word

Did you know that most fireproof safes aren’t waterproof? For this reason, when you put your items in that safe, we recommend wrapping them up in a plastic bag.

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